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Harris Teeter Deals 4/8-4/12

Note-Some of these deals, such as the e-VIC deals, are only valid 4/8-4/12.  There is one deal that is only available tomorrow, 4/9, POP TARTS!!!  The weekly deals are available all week, from 4/6-4/12.  There is no need to make a note of these as this post was made on 4/8/11. :)

Here are the basic rules of couponing at Harris Teeter...
Print out the stores coupon policy before leaving!
They double all coupons $.99 and under every day!
They only allow up to two printable coupons of the same item per day.  This means that if you find a great deal with an internet coupon, you can only use it twice (2 coupons) per day.
Only one coupon for BOGO items.
No cash back, BUT overages will ring over to the rest of your order.
Sales tax paid at full retail
20 doubled coupons per household per day with VIC card
No competitor coupons doubled or tripled
Look out for coupons that read "Do Not Double!" as these will not apply to their every day doubling.
eVIC coupons will not be doubled.
First thing to do at HT - Get your Vic card!  Once you do this, you will be eligible for their great sales including BOGO every week, etc.  After you do this, go online to and sign up for their eVIC newsletter.  This has special offers as well as coupons that you can click to apply to your card!  When you scan your card, all those coupons and offers will be applied to your purchases.  It takes a few days to get in the system, so do this ASAP!
Cannot accept internet coupons that will not scan or do not appear to be originals.
No "free" internet coupons
Their scan guarantee reads ""If an item scans higher than the shelf tag or sign, you will receive one like item free, excluding alcohol and tobacco." 
I wish I would have known this when they were running a BOGO sale on berries a few weeks ago!  2 of the 3 sets of berries we bought did not run up as BOGO, needless to say we ended up spending a lot more than we thought!  I should probably try to take this receipt back to them to see what they can do!
Save all your reciepts - I am saving them as a history/record of all the money I have saved with couponing.  Plus, they serve as excellent sources of prices when you don't/can't go to the store!
Keep in mind - when HT has BOGO, it sometimes means that you have to buy 2 items (one being free), but sometimes you can get away with buying one at half price.  I will record the half price as what they are, and BOGO means that you actually have to buy 2 to get the deal.

McCormick Vanilla    $.99 e-VIC special
-$.75 coupon doubled to -$1.50 = FREE!

Duracell 10 ct. AA or AAA    2/$9 e-VIC special
-$1.50 coupon  = 2/$7.50 or $3.75 each

Yoplait regular 24 oz. 4 pk.   BOGO
-$.50 doubled to $1

YoPlus 4 pk. -$2.00 ($1 eVIC cpn + $1 internet cpn)

Fiber One Yogurt -$2.00 (same)

Cocoa Puffs + Honey Nut Cheerieos -$2.10 ($.55 eVIC for both, plus $1 internet)
Cocoa Puffs or HN Cheerios + Reg. Cheerios -$2.30 ($.75 eVIC for Cheerios, $.55 for rest $1 internet)

Toaster Strudel - $1.50/2 ($.50 eVIC, $1/2 cpn.)

Wonder Smart Wheat -$1.65 ($.55 eVIC, $.55 internet cpn doubled to $1.10)

Zicam (any-look for small sizes for the most savings!!) -$6.00 ($3 eVIC+ $3 cpn)

Truvia 40 ct. -$1.50 ($.50 eVIC + $1 internet cpn.)
Truvia 80 ct. or spoonable -$2.00 ($1 eVIC + $1 internet cpn.) note - the Internet cpn. is for any size Truvia product!  You can print 2 of these to use at the same time if you want both deals or 2 of the same)

Green Giant canned Corn, Peas or Green Beans B2G3!!!  Limit 10

Tostito's or Lay's  2/$5
-$1.10 ($.55 cpn doubled) = 2/$3.90 or $1.95 each

Edy's ice cream  BOGO

12 pk. Coca-Cola product  1/2 price

Cottonelle bath tissue 12 pk.  $5.99

Tide detergent 50 oz.  $5.99
-$.70 ($.35 cpn doubled) = $5.29 or $.11/oz.

6 oz. Yoplait 10/$4  eVIC special price! limit 10

______________MEAL DEAL_______________
(1) 14-16 oz. Ball Park Beef Franks  -$1.10 ($.55 cpn doubled)
(1) 8 ct. Nature's Own White Wheat hot dog buns
(1) Gallon Lipton Tea
(1) 9-11.5 oz. Lay's -$1.10 ($.55 cpn doubled)  remember these are also doubled?! So get 2.
for only $5.99  minus coupons - $2.20 = ALL OF THIS FOR $3.79!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dannon Greek Yogurt 10/$10

6 roll reg. or 4 pk. ultra Viva Paper Towels $5.99
-$1.70 ($.85 cpn doubled) = $4.29, or $.72 a roll

Thomas' Bagels 12 ct.  1/2 price

Barber Stuffed Chicken Breasts 10 oz.  1/2 price
-$1 internet cpn.

Kraft 2% Milk Singles Cheese 2/$4 (all Kraft Singles are 2/$4, but the internet cpn only applies to the 2% milkfat variety)
-$.75 cpn doubled to $1.50, print 2 of these for savings of $3 = 2/$1 or $.50 each!

Land O Lakes margarine 1/2 price
-$1/2 internet coupon

6 ct. Jell-O Pudding 2/$4

Ragu Pasta Sauce 48 oz.  1/2 price

Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Tuna 5 oz.  B2G3!!!

McCormick Gravy or    
1 oz. Vanilla Extract or
Food Colors              1/2 price - $1.50 cpn (This cpn. was also applied to the FREE Vanilla at the beginning, so if you got this, you will need more of this coupon)

Pop Tarts 8 pk. (ONLY AVAILABLE 4/9!!!!)  $.99 each eVIC special
-$1/3 = $1.97 for 3 or $.66 each!!!!!

Frosted Mini Wheats  1/2 price
There are a few cpns for this:
$1/3 on all Kellog's Cereals,
$1/2 on Mini Wheats with touch of fruit
$1.5/3 on all Kellog's cereals
Best case scenario (if the touch of fruit variety is 1/2 price)
Buy 3 at 1/2 price and use all three coupons for -$3.50

Ball Park Beef Franks  1/2 price
-$1.10 ($.55 cpn doubled, this is the same cpn. used in the Meal Deal)

Perdue frozen fully cooked chicken wings 30 oz.  1/2 price

I hope that this helps everyone and that it's not too confusing.  I know that I don't have many readers right now, but I am trying to get this blog in a format that is easy to read, and that takes practice!!

Also - you should sign up for Upromise.  They have in store e-coupons that will be applied to any store card that you give them.  For instance, these coupons would work at HT, Rite Aid, Food Lion, CVS, Walgreens, etc.  Go to the website for a full list of applicable stores in your area.  There are also deals that are combined with the Upromise coupons, but I have not included them to avoid confusion.  I will dedicate a separate post to this at first, and then integrate them into my regular posts.  I do not know if HT will double these coupons, I will let you know tomorrow!  I will also update this entry with prices from my trip tomorrow.  Good luck, and happy shopping!

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